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Social Media Advertising Services

Social media started out as a way of connecting people, looking up old school friends or forgotten work buddies. Not too long afterwards people realised the power of all those connections and social media advertising was born.


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Facebook Ads

Browse through Facebooks interests categories and you will see that there’s not a lot you can’t target on Facebook. Combine that with demographics, relationship status and all kinds of strange behaviours and you can get your message through to almost anyone. 

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Instagram Ads

Learning the ins and outs of a new advertising platform can seem overwhelming. The good news is, we’ve already done all the learning for you. Whether it’s announcing a new product, or encouraging app downloads, Instagram Ads are proven to work.

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LinkedIn Ads

People are in work mode when they are on LinkedIn. It is an excellent way to get B2B products and services in front of a highly targeted audience. Generate leads, increase website traffic and build brand awareness by targeting professionals with LinkedIn Ads

Why Invest in Paid Social?


Cutting through the noise in social media can be hard. We can help you use paid social media marketing strategies to get you in front of the right customers. Social media platforms offer different opportunities for paid advertising, we’ll guide you through what’s possible with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads.


72% of B2B marketers who use paid ads online use paid social


Almost a billion people can be reached by ads on Instagram


89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to find new customers

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