About Us

Hello, we are Next Customer Please

Who We Are

Next Customer Please is a digital marketing agency. It is a product of the lockdown and the government’s generous furlough scheme which has allowed the time to develop this website. All the necessary skills to find new customers online and make them happy were already in place.

There haven’t been too many winners from the lockdown, apart from people like Joe Wickes who do things purely online. He doesn’t need our help but there are lots of businesses that do. So if you’re looking to expand online, we can help.


The business is called Next Customer Please because it has a nice ring to it, it’s familiar and says a bit about what we do, find new customers for our customers. 

We are based in Bristol, now famous around the world for toppling the statue of the nasty slave trader Edward Colston and throwing it in the harbour.

It’s nice to keep things local but with the way things are it doesn’t matter as much as it did, especially when you’ve got super-fast fibre to the door.



Our Strong Points

Putting together successful digital marketing campaigns for businesses ranging from local online retailers to household names.



  • Keyword research, on-page SEO, link-building
  • Content strategy, SEO copywriting and ad copy
  • PPC campaign reviews, set up, and optimisation
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Who We Work With

We work with businesses that are looking to expand using digital marketing. We work with business owners, managers and directors; marketing, business development and digital marketing people at all levels. As well as others for whom marketing is not their main role. The way we work is just as effective in both B2B and B2C businesses. 

How We Work

In digital marketing data and market research guide the creative side of marketing. If you want to be successful, you need to be good at both. 

We use thorough  research and creative thinking to create a digital marketing plan setting out how we plan to engage and grow your customer base.  Focusing your digital marketing on the right prospects so that the money you spend is more effective.

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How We Measure Success

It’s never been easier to measure the success of your marketing. Everything in digital marketing is measurable – views, clicks, visitors, leads and sales can all be used to discover whether working with us is value for money.  

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