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When set up and managed properly Google Ads are one of the best ways of finding new customers.  With Google Ads you can get your business on the first page of Google within days, not months. 

We bring you smarter PPC campaigns backed by data analysis, creativity, behavioural science and great landing page design. Don’t burn a hole in your marketing budget with badly conceived campaigns.


Why Invest in PPC?


PPC is the popty ping of digital marketing (popty ping is Welsh for microwave in case you didn’t know). PPC campaigns allow you to quickly find new customers no matter the size of your business. 


Avoid wasting money reaching people who aren’t interested


65 per cent of clicks made by users who are ready to buy go to paid ads


SEO and PPC go well together. We can think of 8 good reasons to combine them.

When should you use PPC?


PPC delivers fast results which means that you can be up and running with Google ads in the time that it takes to create your ads and have them approved. This makes PPC perfect when you don’t have time to invest in creating the content required to achieve the results associated with SEO.

You also have the ability to target people accurately based on the age, geography and interests of your target customers so you only pay for the right kind of visitor. Feedback from PPC is very quick, fast results mean that you can test things out and quickly adapt your ad copy, landing page design and messaging based on what works and what doesn’t.

PPC is also a useful tool if you are looking to nurture potential customers using email marketing. PPC can be used to direct visitors to a specialised landing page designed to collect email addresses from prospects.

PPC works better when you have something new to promote that people aren’t used to searching for. Examples include promoting new products or services, limited time offers, seasonal promotions and event marketing.


When should you combine PPC and SEO?

It’s a common misconception that if you pay for Google Ads then this will unduly influence your search engine rankings. It isn’t the case. However, there are ways in which PPC and SEO complement each other. So it’s possible to leverage both channels to improve overall effectiveness.

For example, having invested time in creating blog content to help with your SEO it makes sense to build awareness of your blog posts using ads so that they get in front of as many eyes as possible. If people like what they see they are also more likely to link back to your content which boosts your SEO even further.

Ads can also be used to test out certain keywords to help determine which ones lead to more conversions. SEO is a long term investment so it is best to focus that investment on keywords that are more likely to lead to sales.

As much as we would like customers to find our website via a search engine, see something they like and immediately buy from us, that’s not how things usually work. People need a bit more persuading. Retargeting people with ads allows you to keep your brand in front of visitors to your site. You may want to offer a discount or a free trial to lure them back.

Potential customers also require a bit of encouragement when they find your website via paid ads, a measly 2% are likely to buy on the first visit. Which means that websites that also rank well in search results get another bite at the cherry if users subsequently search for your brand name or use keywords related to what you offer.

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